Local Communities + Landowners

esVolta partners with local communities and landowners to develop, construct, and operate our projects. We identify locations well suited to energy storage and seek to purchase or lease existing buildings or vacant land (based on landowner preference) in those locations. Whether we work with an existing structure or vacant land, we then follow all local permitting and regulatory requirements to design and construct our projects. In those cases where we do construct our own building they are typically modern industrial or agricultural warehouse structures. Once the land is secured we work with local communities to develop and design the project, taking care to follow local regulations, which include requirements related to building design and aesthetics, landscaping, parking, minimizing impacts to wildlife, and minimizing noise and traffic impact during construction. 

Once operational our projects sell power and energy directly to utilities or into the wholesale electricity markets. Due to the fact that our utility customers provide us with highly-stable and reliable revenues, our projects are financed by leading national and international banks and institutional investors who conduct extensive due diligence on the projects prior to investing. A project’s typical useful life is at least 20 years.

In summary, benefits to landowners and local communities include:

Stable Long Term Revenues ::

Our battery storage projects generate low-risk predictable cash flows resulting in highly dependable lease payments to landowners and substantial property tax payments to local communities, which can result in millions of dollars injected into the local community.

Water Quality + Supply ::

Our battery energy storage projects do not require water for operations, and have no emissions or discharges which could impact water quality.

Air Quality ::

Our projects are zero emissions facilities, with no adverse impact on air quality.

Noise / Traffic Impacts ::

Our projects generate almost no noise and require little maintenance once operational which minimizes these impacts to the local community

Construction Timeline ::

Our projects have 3-6 month construction timelines which minimizes construction related inconvenience to the local community.

Hazardous Materials / Waste ::

Our projects do not create hazardous waste during operations. In addition, our battery arrays consist of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry, eliminating risk of cobalt entering the environment through improper disposal.

MILLIKAN SITE :: Existing structure converted into an energy storage facility

MILLIKAN SITE :: Existing structure converted into an energy storage facility