The Benefits of Battery Energy Storage

Greenhouse Gas Reduction ::

Battery storage reduces reliance on gas generation during periods of peak electricity demand and decreases wasteful cycling of gas-fired generation. Avoids need for new fossil fuel plants.

Renewable Energy Integration ::

Battery storage responds instantly to grid fluctuations, maximizing value of existing renewables and enabling addition of more new intermittent renewables to gird. It also helps avoid the curtailment of renewables and helps reduce the reliance of fossil fuels in the evening hours, reducing strain on the grid during ramp + providing clean energy even when the sun isn’t shining + the wind isn’t blowing :: Battery storage captures + uses excess renewable energy.

Water Quality + Supply ::

Unlike gas generation, Battery Energy Storage requires no water for operations and will have no emissions or discharges which could impact water quality :: Saves water.

Air Quality ::

Energy Storage has zero emissions, with no adverse impact on air quality

Power Grid ::

Creates a more reliable and diversified power grid

Traffic ::

Once operational, Energy Storage facilities have no full-time employees; a single local tech will visit several times a week, and a team of 8-10 techs will spend about a week doing major maintenance annually

Waste ::

Battery Energy Storage projects create no appreciable waste or emissions of any kind

Hazardous Materials ::

Energy Storage Batteries create no hazardous waste due to its lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry which contains no fluids or gels (unlike lead-acid batteries), no cobalt (unlike many lithium-ion batteries), and no toxic emissions or wastes (unlike nuclear or gas); end-of-life battery recycling taken into account during project planning

Construction ::

Energy Storage’s short (~6 month) build timeline minimizes inconvenience to the community

Noise ::

Energy Storage creates almost no noise, as it is enclosed in a warehouse

Small Footprint ::

Energy Storage facilities require very little acreage + can be built in pre-existing structures

Options ::

Empowers customer and smart grid choices

Revenues ::

Reduces costs for ratepayers